A better way to manage your VTC

VTC Analytics is a subscription based service allowing you to own a completely customizable, feature-rich, Drivers Hub for a small monthly fee.

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Driver Friendly

Made with your drivers in mind.

VTC Analytics is not only a great tool for your management, but also for your drivers. It allows your drivers to view the weekly schedule, their jobs, handbook, and much more!


Everything you need in one place

VTC Analytics offers many features to ensure maximum comfort for your management, drivers, and clients.

Job Logger

VTC Analytics is made to work with Navio, an amazing install and forget job logger.


A pre-made application, with an advanced system allows your HR Team to easily process all applications.

Discord Integration

VTC Analytics can easily connect with your Discord Bot to keep your Discord Server connected with live updates.

GDPR Compliant

Is made to comply with the GDPR EU law, offering a pre-made Cookie Banner, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions.


Features an Event Invitation, and Slot Booking system to manage your event invitations and more.


Uses API to communicate with TruckersMP allowing you to simply manage your events, drivers, and more.


VTC Analytics is regualarly updated, often introducing new features.


If you don't have a domain already, we will provide you with your own custom domain.


We host and upkeep your Drivers Hub so there's no programming you need to worry about.


When will Beta launch?

We are planning on releasing beta by the end of Summer 2022.